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The Easiest Way to Manage Your Youth Program

Running a youth program isn't easy. Citrus helps simplify your registrations through direct analytics, and powerful management tools, so that you focus on what really matters.

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Easy Registration Process For Your Parents

Citrus makes registration simple with an easy to use interface, simple account creation for Contacts and Attendees, and the ability to save account information and payment method making repeat registrations quick and easy.

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Full Custom Branding

Citrus is very conscious towards branding as we understand this is an integral part of any successful program. We've put a major focus on your brand and give our customers the ability to use their colors and logos to maintain the quality that is found on their own website while not being intrusive with our own. Show off what sets you apart from the rest with Citrus.

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Increase Your Productivity & Performance

Our powerful insights and analytics will give you necessary information and a better understanding of your business' performance allowing you to make better decisions.

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Image showcasing Citrus' CRM through the Contact Report that can export Spreadsheets

Family First CRM

Keep client information organized

Our CRM allows you to keep up to date Contact and Attendee information at your disposal with a single click.

Separate parents and children's info under one place

Contacts (parents) are able to manage multiple attendees (children) under one account, Making registering multiple kids at once a breeze!

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Centralized Communication

Take all of your clients questions, comments and feedback in one place. Citrus enables you to be more connected with centralized communication, allowing for quick responses, email tracking, and email campaigns without having to leave your dashboard.

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Image showcasing Citrus' Centralized Communication and the Email Interface
Image showcasing Citrus' Membership & Credit and the Financials Tab

Memberships &
Sessions Credits

Increase your sales

Increase your sales through bulk purchases and steady revenue through memberships, year-round!

Recurring Monthly Payments

No more managing the logistics of spreadsheets and sales. Create automated, recurring monthly payments, so you don't have to worry about invoicing.

Custom Membership Perks

Give more value to your members with Citrus' ability to create automatically applying discounts and exclusive events for membership holders.

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Image of one of HoopLife’s Basketball Players for Testimonials

Zakk Tamlin

I saw an immediate change in productivity since transitioning to the Citrus platform. Extremely user friendly for my employees and clients to use. I highly recommend any youth program to take advantage of Citrus and grow their organization.

Image of one of HoopLife’s Basketball Players for Testimonials

Arja Pennanen

Citrus has made it so much easier to set up and market our programs. The front end layout is fantastic and makes it super easy for our customers to find programs and even see basic info at a glance.

Image of one of HoopLife’s Basketball Players for Testimonials

Ryan Harnett

Citrus has made us more organized, especially with our financials. The way it is presented is clear and simplified. Citrus has saved us hours of work and many headaches.

Image of one of HoopLife’s Basketball Players for Testimonials

Jon Goodman

Citrus gave us the ability to have a quick and easy registration system that parents could navigate, plus detailed tracking of our key metrics, from finances to client information.

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