Media Kit

Tips for Publishing

We work hard to ensure Citrus has strong branding across all platforms and we created this page hoping others love our product, company, and logo as much as we do! Please take your time to follow our guidelines below, and if you have any questions, shoot us an email!

Our Logo

Our logo is important to us! Below are the proper ways to display our logo. Our logo should be placed on light and dark backgrounds respectively. The full colour logo should only appear on white backgrounds.
*Under no circumstances should the colour combinations of the logo change.

Our full colour logo should only appear on white backgrounds.

Our white and green logo should appear on dark backgrounds.

Our white and green logo should appear on dark high contrast backgrounds.

Do not add effects to the logo such as glows or drop shadows.

Do not distort or skew our logo to fit a space. Please scale proportionally.

Do not use the wrong logo on the wrong background, resulting in low contrast.

Do not rotate our logo. Do not recolour our logo.

Our Icon

Our icon may appear in any of these colour variations with respective backgrounds.

Our Colors

Below are the HEX, RGB, and CMYK colour codes!

R245, G132, B31
C0, M59, Y100, K0

R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0

R113, G191, B68
C60, M0, Y100, K0

Our Font

We consistently use one font with various weights,
see the font below!

The font we use is called Montserrat.
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Describing Citrus

When you hear “Citrus,” don’t think of a juice company! We provide a dedicated software that simplifies the operations and administrative duties of privately owned sports programs.

Why Choose Us?

Themes and marketing messages are aligned throughout the entire program Registering is almost too simple for parents: it’s quick, a single account can manage several kids or attendees, and the processes are repeatable.
Our customers are not forced to absorb the processing fees which takes a percentage of their annual income Our feedback feature gives our customers insight into who is unhappy with their program, making it possible to solve those problemsCitrus allows for quick access to parents, attendees, their purchase history (such as past camp registrations easily), and contact information Save yourself time as an organizer without the meticulous nature of using Excel Spreadsheets

Short Description

Citrus technology is a SaaS company dedicated to empowering all youth programs by being the easiest way to manage your youth program. Running youth program is not easy, Citrus software helps to simplify your registration through direct analytics and powerful management tools so you can focus on what really matter. We are the best software for youth programs and camps.

Long Description

Citrus Technology is a leading SaaS company committed to making youth program management simpler and more efficient. We understand that running a youth program, whether it's a summer camp, after-school program, or sports league, can be challenging and time-consuming. That's why we've created a platform that provides powerful management tools and direct analytics, making it easier than ever to manage your program and focus on what really matters – providing the best possible experience for your youth participants.

Our Mission

To empower the impact of youth programs and camps within their communities.


We take pride in Citrus! Our name should always have a capital “C” and should never be fully capitalized.

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