Image Displaying Citrus' CEO, Andrew Gottselig at a HoopLife Basketball Camp

Who is Citrus?

Founded in 2020, Citrus was built on the belief that camps are an important part of our lives. Our mission is to enable youth programs to grow and provide the best memories for all of their attendees. We understand the difficulty of organizing a camp and the stress that it can put on organizers. We hope to relieve the stress and allow you to focus on what really matters.

Our story

Our story began back in 2019, when Andrew and David united through the Conexus Cultivator and began working towards delivering a solution to change how organizations collaborate and plan camps and youth programs. Their shared experience with organizing and operating youth programs provided them with a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the pain points of running a youth program. Despite a global pandemic, we focused on connecting with our community of youth programs through our webinar series, Making an Impact.

We have launched the company in 2020 and have seen unprecedented growth. Youth programs thrive using Citrus, and because of our company, more youth will attend programs in the future, and they will be successful as a result. Citrus is the powering force behind youth programs, and the more we can grow our team we can grow the amount of youth participating in youth programs in Canada. Our training covers health and safety practices as related to job activities. We provide a safe, inclusive, and healthy work environment free of harassment and discrimination (e.g. hiring practices, policies, guidelines).

Meet The Founders

Andrew Gottselig

CEO & Co-Founder

Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Gottselig founded HoopLife and this has given Andrew the knowledge base on how to scale and operate a youth program. Andrew understands the pain points of running a youth program, which is why Citrus was founded. Andrew also has extensive business experience in sales, branding, marketing, project management, and managing technology developed through HoopLife, such as the popular HoopLife interactive training app and software (which led and turned into Citrus).

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David Crossman

CTO & Co-Founder

Co-Founder and CTO David Crossman is an experienced software development lead; he has previously worked at Vivvo application studios on the CitizenOne team as a project manager. He has also worked with iQmetrix in Regina as a software developer. David’s passion for technology and innovation-led him to found a popular organization in Regina called Hack Regina, which has grown into a community of hundreds of developers sharing knowledge and creating friendships. David is proficient at developing software and technology and understanding business analytics, leadership, and project management.

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