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Frequently Asked Questions

Please give us a call at +1 (844) 534-5080 or send us an email at with any questions or inquiries you may have!

How does Citrus' processing fee compare to competitors?

There is a ~ 4.9% + $0.55 on all transactions made through Citrus. Luckily, you have the ability to save money with Citrus by choosing to pass on the processing fee to your customers so you don't have to absorb the fee yourself!

Am I locked into a contract using Citrus?

No! We understand that many youth programs are seasonal and don’t require Citrus year-round so fortunately there is no contract to use Citrus. This means that customers can use a paid plan when they need and not in the offseason. While you are in your offseason Citrus will keep your information at your disposal, and ready to go for your next program.

How can I save money on Citrus Fees?

For those of you who need Citrus year-round, we offer a significant discount of 18% off our monthly rate for those who choose to use our annual plan being a single up front payment for an entire year of Citrus.

Can I import my existing data/ customers?

Yes! Citrus can easily transfer existing customer information into Citrus. We break this down by parents and kids information and link their accounts together. You can also transfer any specific properties or notes that you may have attached to a customer.

How does Citrus integrate with my current website?

There are 2 main ways that Citrus can integrate with your current website. The first and most common way is by creating buttons on your current website and using Citrus’ links to direct customers to your Citrus storefront where they can easily place their registration.The second way Citrus can be integrated to your website is by embedding Citrus’ event cards right into your website so customers are able to see your offerings without leaving the page.Each can be done easily and the links/embedded code is provided in our settings.

Can I change my Citrus plan?

Yes! Go into settings, navigate to "Upgrade Your Billing Plan" under "Your Program Preferences," then find your current plan and email address associated. Tap on "Manage Billing," and from there you will be able to select your desired plan with the ability to pay monthly or annually (save 18% annually).

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