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Who is Central Hockey Academy?

Central Hockey Academy (CHA) is a hockey program based in Toronto, Ontario, catering to over 2,600 participants for the past 10 years. CHA is a community-based academy that specializes in hockey from the beginner level all the way up to AAA. They offer various programs, from power skating, shooting, and puck skills to multi-day camps. CHA also caters to other sports and recreational programs for participants ages 5-11. CHA wants all their participants to become the best they can be by helping to increase their confidence and work ethic while creating a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

Central Hockey Academy's Journey to Citrus

As Central Hockey Academy (CHA) embarked on their journey to expand and enhance their services, they turned to Citrus for support. Like any thriving sports program, CHA aimed to not only boost their revenue but also streamline their customer registration process for increased efficiency.

Citrus worked to streamline and simplify the entire CHA experience. With CHA's limited time due to their busy schedule, Citrus dedicated our own time to fully integrating their business into the youth sports registration software for them. The partnership between CHA and Citrus is a prime example of how collaboration, commitment to improvement, and a strong customer focus can create even more success stories. Through Citrus' support, Central Hockey Academy achieved their goals and has continued to grow into a more substantial and enduring hockey program.

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Effective communication with parents and participants in a youth program is crucial. It fosters trust, transparency, and a sense of inclusion. Parents want to be informed about their child's activities and progress, while participants must feel heard and supported. Regular communication ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding program logistics, expectations, and safety measures and provides an avenue for addressing concerns, celebrating achievements, and building a robust and cohesive community.

Thanks to Citrus, CHA now has a seamless means of direct communication with its customers with our youth sports management software. We offer the convenience of private one-on-one conversations. Plus, when you need to broadcast a message to all participants of a specific event, a few clicks is all it takes to send a mass email effortlessly.

User-Friendly Design

User-friendly sports management software like Citrus offers a dual benefit to program organizers and their clients. For program organizers like CHA, the ease of online sports registration software simplifies their administrative tasks, streamlining payment processes and reducing the learning curve for the overall system operation. This translates into increased efficiency, reduced errors, and time saved that can redirect toward more strategic aspects of program management. On the other hand, clients benefit from a seamless and hassle-free experience. Easy-to-use sports registration software ensures they can engage with the program effortlessly, access information without frustration, and enjoy a positive user experience. Ultimately, the relationship between program organizers and their clients is strengthened as user-friendly sports camp registration software bridges the gap, promoting transparency, trust, and satisfaction in the program's offerings.

'Citrus has helped CHA have a more user-friendly client interface and registration experience, creating an easier way to communicate with registrants of programs, and they offer more options to make setting up programs easier.
More Options

Using Citrus as their youth sports registration software opens up a world of unique features that add a layer of customization and innovation to program management. Whether creating a distinct identity through customized branding, offering special discounts through coupon codes, or tailoring their storefront with quick filters, Citrus' sports registration software empowers program organizers to curate an experience that aligns precisely with their vision. This adaptability allows program organizers to fine-tune their offerings and enhance customer satisfaction by providing a program experience as unique as their clients. And that's one of the reasons why CHA enjoys using Citrus so much more than other systems. For programs like CHA, which cater to a diverse range of participants and their unique preferences, Citrus' customizable features are a game-changer. This flexibility ensures that CHA can tailor its offerings to suit the needs and preferences of parents and young athletes. CHA can streamline its communication, promotions, and program organization by utilizing quick branding, coupon codes, and quick filters, ultimately creating a more engaging and personalized experience for all its participants.

The Citrus Advantage

With Citrus, CHA set up the 'Session Feature' for their customers to purchase session credits, unlocking a streamlined and highly efficient event registration process. The essence of this system lies in granting CHA customers the freedom to seamlessly and effortlessly sign up for events that perfectly align with their interests and busy schedules. When it comes to offering youth programs, it's all about offering flexibility and convenience.

All CHA clients need to do is simply purchase the credits they need, and with just a few clicks, they're all set to secure a spot at the event or camp! Cirtus allows a variety of tiered credit packages to be set up. Through this feature, CHA has empowered its customers by offering them the option to purchase event credits in bulk, making attending their favorite events even easier. The outcome for CHA and using session credits has been an elevated convenience and flexibility for their customers, which marks significant growth in CHA's overall business.

'The "Sessions" feature has been particularly beneficial because it's allowed us to offer an entirely different type of program that allows families to book specific calendar dates, which was something that wasn't available to us before!'

Central Hockey Academy's Results

With Citrus' sports management software capabilities, Arja is able to centralize all her communication in Citrus' Inbox and ensure that she never misses an important message from a customer. She and her team can send messages out to customers 1-on-1 and send mass updates for specific events, making communication seamless for all purposes. Flexibility in communication was just the start. Arja and her team use Citrus' customizable settings to bring their program to fruition as they imagined it. Citrus allows CHA to operate according to its business structure. It ensures that they can offer camps, sessions, and discounts all while displaying their brand in a way that best suits them.

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