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How This Camp Owner Boosted Productivity With Citrus


Meet Preston Herring

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Athens, Alabama
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Who is Grit and Grind?

Grit and Grind Sports Academy is more than just a basketball program; it is a pillar of youth development in Athens, Alabama. Beyond teaching the fundamentals of basketball, they are committed to nurturing the growth of their athletes on and off the court, instilling life skills in them.

Their mission and belief is that sports are a powerful tool for character development. They value rigorous training sessions and immersive experiences for young athletes to pursue their passions. Kids can cultivate perseverance, resilience, teamwork, and leadership in this space. These attributes are fundamental not just to success in sports but also to success in life.

Grit and Grind offers various programs through Citrus, such as private training, Dr. Dish Shooting machine sessions, group camps and sessions, and Camps for toddlers called Sporty Tots. Through all of these programs and more, Preston and his team can have an amazing impact on their community!

Grit and Grind's Journey to Citrus

Before integrating with Citrus as their youth sports management software, Grit and Grind utilized various registration methods to keep information organized. Loads of manual tasks, including manual registration and payment handling, financial tracking, and constant client communications, ultimately led to extensive hours spent on administrative tasks. Owner and head coach Preston Herring constantly communicated with customers to inform them about upcoming events and registered them over the phone or in person. This lengthy and scattered registration and communication process resulted in a system where Preston could not take a day off without falling behind on his administrative duties

However, with the adoption of Citrus, a transformative shift occurred. Preston regained control of his time, allowing him to spend more time with his family. Citrus helped automate his registration system and streamlined the once lengthy and time-consuming process, drastically reducing time spent on administrative tasks. Moreover, Grit and Grind benefitted from the seamless client communication the online sports registration software facilitated. As a result, Preston could confidently step away from the business without fear of falling behind.

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With the introduction of Citrus, Grit and Grind have experienced a significant enhancement in financial management. Citrus provides comprehensive reports that cover all facets of the business, from tracking revenue to seeing event metrics. This has allowed Preston to monitor the financial health of Grit and Grind effortlessly. The youth sports registration software's intuitive interface makes it simple for him to access and interpret financial reports, allowing him to filter his data and analyze data with ease.

This streamlined approach saves Preston valuable time spent on manual calculations and grants him peace of mind, knowing he understands the academy's financial status in real-time. Financial management of Grit and Grind has become a breeze, and thanks to Citrus, Preston can focus more on strategic decision-making and less on administrative tasks.

"The Citrus features that have been most beneficial for our program include its financial analysis capabilities, reporting tools, and seamless integration with our website." - Preston Herring

Marketing for Streamlined Communication

Integrating with Citrus, Grit and Grind enhanced workflows and allowed Preston and his team to save time and money. They could set up and publish their events, resulting in a hands-off registration. They could keep track of their order and financials in real-time with Citrus' financials. Above all, Preston cut down on unorganized communication with clients. With Citrus' Inbox, Preston can keep track of who is reaching out and is even able to collect feedback from his clients. Financially, passing on the fees to customers has made it easy for Grit and Grind to integrate. It has saved them time and money.

With his newfound time and money, Preston can invest time into Citrus' Marketing feature, where he can send marketing emails to reel in new clients. This allows Grit and Grind to find new customers every week while running their business smoothly in the background. Citrus allows programs like Grit and Grind to step away from the admin work and delve into what's important.

"With Citrus, we've improved project management efficiency, enhanced data-driven decision-making capabilities, and increased customer satisfaction through streamlined communication. Additionally, Citrus has helped us save money and grow revenue by allowing us to optimize and identify new business opportunities." - Preston Herring, Owner and Head Coach
The Citrus Advantage

Moreover, our commitment to Grit and Grind extends beyond onboarding. We remain readily available to answer any questions that Preston may have. Along with our extensive list of knowledge base articles, providing additional training and offering strategic business optimization is our specialty. Our support team stands ready to assist whenever they require assistance, ensuring that they can leverage the full capabilities of Citrus to achieve their goals.

"Our experience with Citrus Support has been exceptional. The support team has been responsive, knowledgeable, and proactive in addressing any issues or inquiries. Their assistance has played a crucial role in ensuring smooth implementation and ongoing usage of the platform." - Preston Herring, Owner and Head Coach
Citrus Support

From initial setup to ongoing support, Citrus has Grit and Grind in mind. The onboarding process for Grit and Grind was tailored to meet Preston's specific needs. We worked closely with Preston to understand his workflows, goals, and priorities, allowing us to customize the onboarding process to fit his needs. Our dedicated support team was readily available to address questions or concerns during onboarding, providing a smooth transition to Citrus' online registration software.

Grit and Grind's Results

With Citrus as their youth sports registration software, Grit and Grind have nothing short of success. Not only did Citrus streamline their daily operations so that Preston and his team could lay off the gas on administrative work, but they could also offload constant and unorganized client communication. The power of Citrus as an online sports registration software aided them greatly regarding financials. Through Citrus ' real-time reports, they could take in more registrations, pass on fees, and ensure their business was performing to its potential. Grit and Grind, with equal significance, have found that Citrus Support has played a key role in their success with Citrus. They were able to lift the burden of learning this new software. Citrus guided them in creating their program on Citrus and helping them optimize their services to help them grow.

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