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Rock Sports Academy

How This Sales Manager Uses Citrus to Keep Track of Information


Meet Ryan Harnett

Sales & Brand Manager
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St.John's, Newfoundland
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Who is Rock Sports Academy?

Rock Sports Academy is paving a path for sports throughout the province as they continue to grow their collection of sports programs throughout Newfoundland, Canada. Rock Sports saw a hole in their communities' local sports and wanted to provide everything kids needed to become advanced athletes and well-rounded individuals. Their programs, teams, and leagues prioritize the significance of developing fundamentals, making good choices, and putting in the effort while enjoying sports.

Rock Sports Academy's Journey to Citrus

Rock Sports had growth aspirations with big plans to expand its multi-program academy throughout Newfoundland. When we initially connected with Rock Sports, they offered numerous basketball programs in St. John's and across the province. Recognizing the need to streamline their operations, they initially looked into developing a custom online sports registration software themselves. However, given the significant development costs and Citrus's already having the youth sports management software capabilities they sought, they opted for the more cost-effective approach. Citrus provided Rock Sports with an integrated camp registration platform that allowed easy registration for parents across all their programs, enabling custom branding while maintaining a uniform and user-friendly process. This streamlined solution empowered Rock Sports to manage its growing business efficiently while providing a seamless experience for its participants and parents.

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Contact Information

Storing contact information takes on added significance when it comes to youth programs, where it plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being and development of young individuals. Easy access to contact details becomes instrumental for several reasons. Contact information is a crucial link between youth program organizers, parents, and guardians. It provides a direct communication channel, allowing timely updates on program schedules, special events, and in case of emergencies. This communication is essential for Rock Sports Academy to build trust and transparency, ensuring that parents and guardians are well informed about their child's participation in their program.

"Having all our contacts downloaded in an easy-to-access place. Downloading each specific group in an already-formatted area saves us a lot of time."
Limits on Registration for Events

Setting player limits per event for youth programs is standard practice with far-reaching benefits, and using a youth sports registration software that can automatically manage these limits increases the efficiency and effectiveness of programs. Imposing numerical restrictions on program enrolment ensures that the quality of the experience is not compromised by overcrowding. It allows for better supervision, individualized attention, and a more focused approach to instruction, promoting a safe and nurturing environment for young participants.

Integrating a specialized online sports registration software for automatic limit management furthers this. Citrus streamlines the administrative aspect of setting and enforcing these limits so Rock Sports doesn't have to. Automated systems can track registrations, easily show availability to Rock Sports and their customers, and close registration when the limit is reached, all in real-time.

"Putting a limit on how many athletes can register for a program while also being able to keep an eye on how registration numbers are looking is perfect for planning ahead."

Financials Reports

Citrus offers real-time financial reports, which prove significant advantages to Rock Sports and its operations. These reports provide real-time insights into the financial health and performance of the organization, allowing for informed decision-making. With this timely data from reliable sports management software, Rock Sports can react swiftly to any financial changes or challenges, enabling proactive financial management. Real-time financial reports are a valuable tool for Rock Sports, ensuring financial stability and providing the flexibility to adapt and thrive in a dynamic and competitive industry.

"The immediate financial breakdown of each group and the overall club is great."

The Citrus Advantage

Rock Sports Academy's Results

Citrus made it easy for Ryan, as a Sales Manager, to store important customer information where he could access contact information and order history all in one place. Having centralized information about his customers accessible to him and his team makes it easier to provide a better experience for customers, all while saving them time that was previously wasted searching through extensive spreadsheets. Keeping track of registrations and managing customer interaction with rock sports is important to Ryan. With Citrus as their youth sports registration software, he can collect data on the number of spots filled on his events to plan for the future and customize his setting to execute what he has in mind. Lastly, Citrus has helped Ryan take charge of financials to make informed decisions and stay updated on the latest transactions with real-time financial reports.

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