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How to Cash In On Sponsorships

March 7, 2024
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As a youth sports organizer, finding new ways to fund your program while positively impacting kids and your community is always top of mind. As a youth sports organizer, you understand the importance of offering enriching experiences for the children in your community. However, it's impossible to put finances aside. We will guide you through how to get the best of both worlds through sponsorships. You'll learn how to offer your incredible camps while having more money in your pocket to make a difference and positively impact your community.

Why your program should take sponsorships

Every child deserves the chance to participate in sports regardless of financial circumstances. We all know that underprivileged kids are the least likely to participate in youth sports. By allowing local businesses to sponsor these kids, you can shape their lives for the better and provide them a space to explore their interests. They can live out their passions and work on their skills, helping you foster a more inclusive environment within your program. Not only can you play a key role in these kids' lives, but you can increase your revenue as a business. The sponsorships you collect can cover the registration fees and equipment costs, ensuring that no child is left on the sidelines due to financial constraints.

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Crafting Player Profiles

The first step to getting sponsorships is to create compelling player profiles. Meeting with the child and their guardians is essential to hearing their story and understanding their goals, aspirations, and interests. In their profile, ensure you are telling the story as authentically as possible; each child deserves their story told effectively. Additionally, it is important to understand why they need help with funding. Listen to their challenges and display their case on the player profiles.

To attract potential sponsors, it can be helpful to provide a picture of the child to help them visualize that they are helping change a life. During your pitch to local businesses, you can also highlight the stories of previously sponsored kids to explain how their involvement can positively influence their lives. Feel free to include statistics, testimonials, and photos to make a compelling case for sponsorship.

Building your partnership

Visit local businesses in your community that you love and present them with the opportunity to change a life through sponsorship. Show them the player profiles you created so they can see themselves impacting kids in their community. Have a few testimonials to show other businesses that sponsored children in the past to drive home that they can truly make a difference through this opportunity.

Additionally, you want to ensure that the local businesses are being recognized for their contributions. You can offer them marketing within your facility with posters, banners, and their logo printed on your apparel. Take to social media, where you can make promotional content for them on your platforms. You can also send out marketing emails that help to advertise for the local business using Citrus as your youth sport management software. Lastly, it's critical to have their logo up on your website. Offering these different types of marketing, you can create tiered levels of sponsorships. Package all your information into a booklet to leave with them at your meeting.

Get creative and add your flare! Add some pictures and graphics showing them what their brand can look like in your facility and on your apparel. These can be digitally created; it doesn't take much time or effort, but it truly gives them a vision of what this partnership could look like.

Pricing Strategy

When determining sponsorship fees, consider the value of your program services and the exposure you'll give the local business. Aim to charge an amount that ensures the partnership is mutually beneficial. It's essential to ensure that you are not leaving pricing open-ended. Build a tiered plan at different price points with corresponding levels of marketing. This will allow you to create a partnership that makes the investment worthwhile for both parties.

Post Sponsorship

After securing your sponsorship, it is crucial to maintain and nurture the relationship with your sponsors. This gives you easier access to the business for future sponsorships. You can keep them updated by sending them a thank you letter from the sponsored child. This creates a tangible aspect for the business, creates a bond between your program and the business, and also allows a relationship to build between the business and the child.

Post sponsorship, go ahead and purchase a membership to your program for the child and give them access to camps and sessions free of charge. This is simple to do using Citrus as your online sports registration software. Apply discounts that are specific to the child for them to sign up to existing camps. Ensure that the child is experiencing everything that was promised and create an inclusive environment for them to learn and grow.


Securing sponsorships for your youth program is a beneficial means of financial support and a strategic way to give back to kids in your community. It gives you and a local business the opportunity to not only to do business in a way that benefits both parties but also to allow both of you to change a life for the better. With the tools and steps in this blog, it's time for you to boost revenue through sponsorships. Anyone can do it. It's easy to implement in your youth sports registration software, too! The impact you can make from the financial boost from sponsorships are invaluable; it allows kids to pursue and reach their goals. Seize the opportunity to secure sponsorships and take your youth sports program to the next level!

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