Creating Marketing Campaigns

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Citrus makes crafting email marketing campaigns quick and easy! Target your customers to ensure you only send emails that apply to them so you can maximize returns. Elevate your marketing by adding buttons with custom colors, images, blocks, and dynamic fields to make your campaigns more straightforward to read and more impactful. Take your marketing to the next level with Citrus - where simplicity meets customizations for successful campaigns.

Creating Campaigns

Steps to Create Campaigns

  1. Click on Marketing on the lefthand panel
  2. Click on the Links tab to create a custom link to add to your campaign - click here to learn more about custom links
  3. Click the Create Campaign button
  4. Complete necessary information for the campaign (recipients, subject line, content)
  5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page
  6. Once the campaign is complete, you can preview, send a test to a team member, or schedule
  7. Once the campaign is complete, Click Send at the top of the page

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