Difference Between Camps, Sessions and Appointments

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Events allow organizers to easily create and modify camp, session, or appointment details!

What is the Difference Between Camps and Sessions?

A camp is a single or multi-day event that customers will register for by paying a specific amount set by the camp organizer.

Sessions are single-day events that customers will use session credits to purchase. This means the customers must buy a membership OR session package before registering for a session event.

What are Appointments?

Appointments are tailored to one-on-one training opportunities. You can easily manage your schedule by adding your availability or having blocked off time when you aren't available. Your customers will see a full calendar on your storefront showing the different one-on-one appointments available for booking.

Appointments can be set up as a camp or a session event. As mentioned above, if the appointment is set up as a camp, your customers must pay for the registration to secure their spot. If they prefer to pay later, you, as the organizer, can reserve their place in the event on the backend. If the appointment is set up as a session, customers would need to purchase a session pack or a membership to register.

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