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Collecting payments can be a complicated process, so we created a simple flow to ensure that you have everything accounted for. The first thing to understand is the Order Life Cycle 🛒

  1. The order beings in a 'Created' status.
  1. Once you’ve either tracked or successfully receive a payment, the order will be marked as “Paid” (or “Partially Paid” if there is an amount remaining).
  1. If you are checking in during your event, then you will see the order status change to 'Fulfilled'.
  1. If the oder has been refunded any amount, the order will be marked as 'Returned'.

There are 6 different Status Options:

  1. Created: The starting of all orders. You can still edit the order at this point.
  2. Paid of Partially Paid: The order has received partial or full payment. You can no longer edit the order.
  3. Cancelled: The order has been cancelled and can no longer be edited. Any registrations associated will be marked as “Abandoned” and associated memberships will be marked as “Canceled”.
  4. Fulfilled: This means that the customer has received the goods. The most common case is when you check in a registration it will update the order to be “Fulfilled”.
  5. Disputed: A payment on the order has been disputed by our payment provider, Stripe. The payment has been returned to the customer and can be disputed in your Stripe Dashboard.
  6. Returned or Partial Refund: A refund for the order has been issued.

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