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Citrus has your back on keeping track of your memberships. The Membership report is a breakdown of sales for each active membership. Just like all Citrus reports, you can filter the report by date, and in the membership report, you can filter by status, package, and gender to find exactly what you're looking for.

Here is everything you need to know about Citrus' Membership Report

Attendee: The full name of the attendee with the membership

Contact Name: The contacts full name

Package: The membership package that the attendee has

Interval: The billing frequency of the membership. (monthly, quarterly, or annually)

Amount: The price of the membership

Status: The status of the membership

Created: When the membership was first issued

Start Date: When the membership was started

Last Order: The last order that the membership was present on. This is the order the last payment was made on the membership

Last Order Paid: Whether or not the last order (above) was paid. (Y/N)

Last Order Date: The date of the last order

Current Period Start: The first day of the new billing period

Current Period End: The last day of the new billing period

Canceled: The date of cancelation

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