Payout Reconciliation Report

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Citrus has your back on keeping track of your income. Here is everything you need to know about the Payout Reconciliation Report:

The Payout Reconciliation Report shows you the transactions processed in Citrus along with the corresponding payouts that are available in Stripe. Filter this report by date to find exactly what you need.

Payout Effective At: When the payout begins processing

Payment Provider: The provider from which the payment comes from. Citrus currently uses Stripe to process transactions and payouts.

Date: The date a that the order was processed

Available On: The date for when the payout was deposited to your account

Currency: The currency for which each order is processed in

Gross: The price of all the items in the order

Included Fees: The fees that are not passed on to the customer (absorbed by the organizer)

Discount: The dollar amount of discounts on the order

Net Sales: Gross sales - Included fees

Tax: The dollar amount of the tax calculated on the order

Net Total: Net sales + Tax

Total Fees: Included fees + non included fees + international fees

Order: The number of the order being reported on

Current Status: The status of the order

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