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Once an order has been ‘created’ and is ready to be paid, the customer can directly pay for their order online or you can process the payment within the Financials section of your Citrus Dashboard. 💰✅

How to Process an Order

How to Process a Payment

1. Select 'Financials' in the lefthand panel.

2. Find the created order you wish to process payment for.

3. Click on the menu to the right of the order and select 'Process Payment'

Alternatively, you can select the order to view its details and select 'Process Payment' found under the Actions button at the top right of the page.

1. On the Process payment page, select 'View Details' to view a breakdown of the order totals.

2. Add a discount to the order by searching for the coupon code and clicking on the desired coupon.

  • If the coupon is applicable a discount will appear in the order details above.
  • If it is not applicable, you will either receive an error message or the discount will display $0.00 under the order details above.

3. Add a payment method to process the order with.

  • To process payment with a card, either select 'Add a new card' or select an existing one in the dropdown menu.
  • If the customer has an existing account balance, you can choose whether to apply it or not by enabling/disabling the 'Apply Account Balance' button.

4. Select 'Process/Track' to complete the payment for the order.

If the order has been paid in full, the order status will be changed to Paid. If there is an amount remaining the status will be changed to Partially paid and another payment can be processed for the order.

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