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Citrus has your back on keeping track of your income from registrations. Here is everything you need to know about the Registration Report:

The Registration Report is a breakdown of sales for each registration placed. Filter this report by date and event to find exactly what you need.

Attendee: The attendee's name, to whom the registration is associated.

Event: The event the registration is under

Order option: The order option the registration is under

Status: The status of the registration

Feedback: the feedback given in relation to the registration

Comments: Any comment made on the registration

First Name: The first name of the attendee

Last Name: The last name of the attendee

Attendee Email: The attendees email

Attendee Phone: The attendees phone number

Date of Birth: The attendees birth date

Age: The age of the attendee

Gender: The gender of the attendee

Medical History: Any medical history that the attendee has

Dietary Restrictions: Any dietary restrictions that the attendee has

Contact Name: The contacts full name

Contact Relationship: The contacts relationship with the attendee

Emergency Contact: The attendee's emergency contact including their emergency contact phone and email.

Receipt: The order number. Click on this to go to see the order details

Include Fee: Whether or not fees were included in the purchase amount. If you pass on your fees, this column says 'N'. If you absorbed fees, this says 'Y'.

Gross Sales: The price of the registration

Included Fees: The dollar amount of fees that the organizer absorbed

Refunds: The dollar amount that was refunded

Discounts: The dollar amount of discounts applied

Net Sales: Gross sales - included fee - refunds - discounts

Gross Tax: The tax calculated based on gross sales

Net Tax: The tax calculated based on the net sales

Total Sales: Net sales + Net Tax

Not Included Fee: The fees that were passed on to the customer

Created: The date and time when the order was created

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