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The Sales Item report is a way for you to understand your sales. The price, fees, taxes, and returns made on an item are recorded. Just like all Citrus reports, you can filter the Sales Item Report by date, and with this report, you can also select certain products you want to view.

Order: This is the order number of the order the product is on

Created On: The date the order was created

Processed On: The date of transaction. This is when the item was purchased

Contact Name: The name of the contact that made the purchase. Click on their name to get to their contact profile for more details.

Attendee Name: The name of the attendee with whom the item is associated. Click on their name to get to their attendee profile for more details.

Product: The name of the order item/ product that was purchased

Include Fee: Whether or not fees were included in the purchase amount. If you pass on your fees, this column says 'N'. If you absorbed fees, this says 'Y'.

Type: The type of product the order item is

Gross Sale: The price of the product before taxes and fees

Included Fees: The fees that are not passed on to the customer (absorbed by the organizer).

Returns: The returns made on the the item

Discounts: The amount discounted from that item

Net Sales: The amount you receive. This is the gross sale price - discounts - returns - included fees

Total Tax: The total tax calculated for the order item

Collected Tax: The total tax paid for the order item

Total Sales: The total you collected. This is the net sales + collected tax

Not Included Fees: The fees passed on to the customer for each order item (not absorbed)

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