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Understand your customers like never before with Citrus' Short Links! Uncover the insights that let you track everything from the number of scans on your custom QR code and clicks on your short links to the intricacies of the operating systems and browsers being used. Optimize your links for your customers based on insights so you can ease the experience for your customers.

Add short links to your campaigns to track revenue from specific links. Create simplicity for your customers by scanning your custom-made QR codes right from your emails! And don't worry, each scan leading to revenue is tracked!

Understanding Link Analytics

Here are just a few analytics you can expect with Citrus' Links!

Top Referrers:

  • Citrus QR Code: Number of people who have accessed your link through the custom QR code
  • Direct: Number of people who have accessed your link through your custom short link


  • Which countries your website visitors are from

Operating Systems:

  • Which operating system (Windows, MacOS, etc.) are your visitors using? You can use this to optimize your website for the most used operating system.


  • Which browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) your visitors are using? This can help you understand which browsers to optimize your websites to.

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