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Gain valuable insights with comprehensive highlights of your email campaign analytics. Uncover critical metrics such as open rates, click rates, and conversion data to assess your campaigns' performance.

Understanding Campaign Analytics

Opens: Number and percentage of people who open your campaign email

Clicks: Number and percentage of people who have clicked on any links that are within your campaign

Recipients: Number of email addresses that the email campaign was sent to

Bounces: Number of undelivered emails

Unsubscribes: Recipients that have decided to unsubscribe from all future email marketing campaigns

Successful Delivery: Number of successfully delivered emails (reason for failed delivery could be changed email or incorrect email address)

Total Opens: Number of recipients that have successfully received and opened the email campaign

Last Opened: Date and time of the last time that an individual opened the email campaign

Hard bounces: Number of email addresses that cannot be delivered.Hard bounces happen when an email can't be delivered permanently. Potential causes are an invalid email address or the recipient has blocked delivery.

Unique Clicks: Number of new clicks on any links within the email campaign. This does not include the number of times each individual may have clicked on a link but only measures unique opens.

Total Clicks: Number of clicks on any links within the email campaign

Last Click: Date and time of the last time that an individual clicked on any link within the email campaign

Abuse Reports: This happens when a recipient reports your campaign as spam.

Orders: Number of orders that have been created directly from the email campaign

Average Order Revenue: Average order revenue only from the orders created by the specific email campaign

Total Revenue: Total revenue that has come directly from the specific email campaign

Activity Tab

In the Activity section, you will see a list of campaign recipients and the email status. Below is the list of Status' and what they represent:

Sent: Email was successfully sent to the email address

Pending: Email is in the process of trying to send to the email address

Failed: Email failed to sent to the email address

Opened: Recipient opened the email

Clicked: The recipient clicked on the link that was within the email

Unsubscribed: Recipient has decided to unsubscribe from all future email marketing campaigns

Sent without attachments: An email was sent to the email address, but the attachment that was supposed to be sent did not go through (only will show if there was an attachment on the email campaign)

Bounced (yellow): The contacts mailbox is full or inactive. They have not received the email.

Bounced (red): The contact's email address does not exist or has been completely blocked delivery

Report: The recipient has reported your campaign as spam.

Click Performance

The Click Performance section will show all custom links used within the email campaign.


The Preview section offers a visual of your email campaign, showing exactly how it appeared to your recipients.

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