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Custom links are easier to remember and share. They offer you and your customers flexibility and provide the insights you need to make informed decisions. Use Citrus' custom links and QR codes to make your campaigns pop, all while allowing customers to access your programs in the most efficient way possible. Learn how to use custom links and QR codes to optimize your marketing!

Creating Custom Links

Steps to Create Custom Links

  1. Click on Marketing on the lefthand panel
  2. Click on the Links tab
  3. Click the Create Link button
  4. Paste the URL you would like to measure traffic and conversions
  5. Click Create

Link analytics:

You can track many types of interactions with links. After sharing your short link and QR code, there are many analytics for you to understand your website visitors better.

Top Referrers: the preferred medium used to navigate to your website. This lets you know how people like to get to your website.

Countries: The countries your website visitors are from

Operating Systems: The operating system your visitors use (Windows, MacOS, etc.). You can use this to optimize your website for the most used operating system.

Browsers: The browsers your visitors use (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). This can help you understand which browsers to optimize your websites to.

Note: Hover over the graph to see the dates for the analytics below

New unique clicks: The total number of people who have clicked on your short link

Recent clicks: The total number of clicks on your short link

New Unique scans: The total number of people who have scanned your QR code

New Scans: The total number of scans on your QR code

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