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Who is Wreckhouse Volleyball?

Wreckhouse Volleyball, headquartered in St. John's, NL, and its surrounding areas, is on a mission to nurture the love of volleyball in Atlantic Canada. Their primary focus is to develop the next generation of young athletes by providing exceptional camp experiences. At Wreckhouse Volleyball, they strive to ignite a deep passion for the sport while enhancing every camper's skills and self-confidence.

Their coaching team comprises local experts from St. John's and special guest coaches from across Canada, all of whom bring a wealth of knowledge and diverse experiences. Their athletes can significantly advance their skills by learning from these seasoned professionals.

Wreckhouse Volleyball offers a wide range of opportunities for volleyball enthusiasts, including tournaments and leagues, as well as comprehensive camps and clinics. These camps and clinics cater to participants of all abilities, from beginners aged 8-11 to elite players determined to elevate their game to the next level.

Wreckhouse Volleyball's Journey to Citrus

Before adopting Citrus as their sports management software, Wreckhouse Volleyball utilized an online form submission tool with e-transfers as their primary payment method. However, these two separate processes operated independently, resulting in the repetitive manual data entry from registration forms and payment into a spreadsheet. This labor-intensive process led to unconsolidated information and an unorganized flow of daily operations. Predictably, it increased back-and-forth communication between Wreckhouse Volleyball and its customers to ensure timely payment submissions and participant attendance confirmation. The manual data entry process also carried the risk of inaccuracies and oversights, potentially causing discrepancies in payment records or neglecting necessary updates to the payment and refund spreadsheet.

Wreckhouse Volleyball became an official Citrus customer in 2022 when they were referred to the online sports registration software by another program already benefiting from our services, Rock Sports. Once they began using Citrus' youth sports management software, Wreckhouse Volleyball swiftly discovered its remarkable advantages. The user-friendly functionality, exceptional customer service, and insightful analytics provided by Citrus were among the key factors in their decision to transition their business to Citrus. Wreckhouse Volleyball found in Citrus' sports management software, the ideal solution to support and enhance their business, making it a valuable and enduring partnership.

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User-Friendly Software

Citrus prides itself on its exceptional user-friendliness, benefiting clients and their participants. One of its standout features is the straightforward account creation process, which simplifies the experience for parents and eliminates the frustration of last-minute credit card searches. This approach has dramatically benefited customers like Wreckhouse Volleyball, sparing them the annoying task of chasing down payments and allowing them to focus on their core mission. Citrus also strives to create a clean and well-organized storefront, ensuring customers can find and register effortlessly through the athlete registration form for their desired events and camps.

Furthermore, Citrus' efficiency is also present in its rapid event setup feature, a necessity for customers like Wreckhouse Volleyball. In three minutes or less, new events can be established using an online sports registration software, addressing a common time constraint issue prevalent in youth sports. This streamlined process highlights the platform's commitment to reducing administrative burdens and creating an environment where time and energy can be devoted to what truly matters – the development and enjoyment of young athletes. Wreckhouse Volleyball is a great Citrus customer example of showing the value of quick and easy event management, simplifying the lives of program organizers while elevating the youth sports experience for all involved.

Making the Right Decisions

Access to crucial financial reports is the cornerstone of sound financial decision-making. These reports from reliable sports management software give sports organizations a comprehensive and detailed view of their financial health, enabling them to make well-informed choices that align with their strategic objectives. By clearly understanding income, cash flow, and profitability through these reports, businesses can identify trends and patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed. And this is why Wreckhouse Volleyball has continued to use Citrus as their youth sports registration software! We offer various reports that give insights into programs and their financials that help our customers make better business decisions.

'Citrus gave us the ability to have a quick and easy registration system that parents could navigate and detailed tracking of our key metrics from finances to client information.'
Better than the Rest

Exceptional customer service is the backbone of success for youth sport registration software companies. It nurtures client trust and loyalty and plays a pivotal role in resolving issues swiftly and effectively. In the fast-paced world of technology, where software is integral to daily operations, responsive and helpful customer support is indispensable. It ensures that clients receive the assistance they need promptly, fostering positive experiences and long-term relationships. Furthermore, vital customer service provides valuable feedback, enabling software companies to improve their products and continuously meet evolving user needs. It's a testament to a company's commitment to client satisfaction and a key driver of its growth and reputation in the competitive software industry.

At Citrus, we pride ourselves on offering a personalized and accessible support experience for our clients. When you reach out for assistance, you can always count on speaking with a real person, ensuring that your concerns are addressed with care and expertise. Our dedicated Customer Success team is readily available through both email and phone, allowing you to choose the communication channel that suits you best. We understand that our clients' feedback is invaluable, and this commitment to listening drives our continuous improvement. This was exemplified in our collaboration with Wreckhouse Volleyball, where their suggestion for implementing coupon code integration into our system was heard and successfully executed, enhancing the experience and benefitting our valued customers. At Citrus, we are not only about providing youth sports management software solutions but also ensuring that our clients receive unwavering support and have a voice in shaping the features that serve them best.

The Citrus Advantage
'We have been very happy with Citrus since adding it to our business. The ease of the system, excellent customer service, and reports make it a no-brainer for a sports enterprise like ours. We are impressed by their ability to add things to the system at our request (e.g. coupon codes), and we appreciate that the site is so user friendly'

Wreckhouse Volleyball's Results

Wreckhouse Volleyball's transition to Citrus' youth sports management software has transformed their business. From facing operational challenges with manual data entry and unorganized customer information, the adoption of Citrus as their sports management software aided in eliminating frustrations for both sports organizers and their customers. The user-friendly software allowed for rapid event configuration and reduced administrative burdens significantly. Beyond the software, Citrus' exceptional customer service became a cornerstone of the collaboration, actively involving clients in shaping features. This successful partnership highlights Citrus as a solution provider and a dedicated driver in the success of sports programs like Wreckhouse Volleyball.

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