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Best Revenue Streams for Sports Programs

January 9, 2024
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Sports programs must always be innovative, and new revenue streaming must be researched to ensure sustainability and growth. Incorporating diverse income sources minimizes financial risk and allows the program to improve and hopefully grow to support more participants. Exploring new revenue also leads to community engagement and a social impact within your community. Sports programs offer more than sports skills to their participants, so staying relevant and profitable is essential to make a positive difference. You will see five revenue streams that our clients are currently offering below. These streams have shown incredible positive results and improved their financial state.

Facility or Equipment Rentals

Renting out your sports facility and equipment is a smart strategy to increase revenue. You can partner with local sports teams or clubs, and they can rent your facility for practices. You can also host local sports competitions or events to help bring in additional income through registrations, ticket sales, and potentially concession sales. Events like this are also a creative way to work with local businesses and sponsors to help attract more financial support and reduce your overall hosting cost. And even though your facility may be designed for sport, many non-sport-related organizations, like Girl Guides or Boy Scouts, need a facility to conduct their programs. This can be an excellent opportunity to maximize your revenue stream, even during your off-season or slower time of the year.

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Camps and Sport Events

Offering sports camps and special events can significantly increase your program's revenue. Sports camps can offer specialized training and specific skill development that participants are looking for and, therefore, attract new participants. Camp revenues can include registration fees, merchandise, and unique add-on options. Sporting events are tournaments, leagues, or exhibition games, and they all create opportunities to attract participants, spectators, parents, and sponsors. Registration fees, admission sales, and concession options during events all positively affect your overall income. Additionally, hosting a well-organized event can enhance the reputation of your facility and program, which only helps to attract future participants, sponsorships, and repeat business.


Implementing memberships is a great way to grow your program. By offering memberships, you create a more reliable and consistent revenue stream. Also, memberships can incentivize your participants to commit to your program long-term, which provides predictability to your revenue projections. The nature of memberships helps to ensure a steady cash flow and allows you to better manage your operational cost and financial plan for the success of your program. With memberships, you can reward your participants to commit to you. You could offer a discounted rate for monthly payments, and maybe an even higher discount rate if they are willing to do a whole year membership. You can also provide special membership-only options, such as specialty sessions, member nights, or merchandise for them to sign up. Overall. Memberships serve as a predictable and profitable revenue model that fosters customer loyalty while helping you grow your program.

Credit System

Sports programs can be challenging to plan for. In sports, there are many different positions, and not all players need to learn all positions. Take hockey, for example; a goalie doesn't need to learn the center position skills, and vice versa. So, creating an option for customers to customize their training schedule and type is a great asset a sports program can offer. And you can do this by implementing a "Credit System." A credit system allows you, the program organizer, to set up reoccurring programs specializing in whatever skill or training session you offer. Then, customers pick and choose which ones they want to participate in.

This may seem like a lot of hard work, but it can be quite simple with Citrus as your youth sports registration software! Citrus offers a feature called 'Session Packages, ' which works like a punch-pass system. Customers can purchase session credits through your pre-made packages and redeem them for specific programs you offer. For instance, a customer can buy a 25-session package for $250 and use the sessions for various skill development and training courses. This benefits you as the organizer since you will receive payment, regardless of whether the customer uses all the credits they purchase. And set up doesn't take long either! Since you have the program set up, all you need to do is punch in times, locations, and prices.

1-on-1 Training

Introducing personalized 1-on-1 training sessions in your sports program can significantly boost revenue while improving your participants' skills. By offering participant-specific training, coaches can focus on one participant, customize their workouts, and develop targeted skills. Parents and players looking for additional support or a way to take their game to the next level are often willing to invest in 1-on-1 training sessions. So, offering different 1-on-1 package options, like weekly or monthly programs, allows participants to decide their schedule.


As you can see, a combination of rental options, camps and events, membership packages, a credit system, and 1-on-1 training can create a powerful revenue-generating strategy for sports programs. Rentals offer consistent income through long-term partnerships with local teams. Camps and events attract new participants, spectators, parents, and sponsors, who will give money to attend, watch, or be involved in the camp or event. Memberships provide a more predictable income projection and foster customer loyalty. A credit system offers a unique payment option and gives you, as the sports programmer, an upfront payment. Lastly, 1-on-1 training is a desired premium service that you can set at higher rates, ultimately helping your bottom line.

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