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Get New Customers in the Door Every Week

March 14, 2024
How to get customers in the door every week

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Inbound sales are always top of mind for youth sports organizers. Constantly seeking new and innovative ways to attract new customers can be challenging. Offering free trials is a strategy that has proven to take inbound sales to the next level. Most programs are not taking advantage of this risk-free opportunity to revolutionize their youth sports program. Free trials can be a way for your program to rack up your client count with little effort. It can serve as a powerful tool to convert your leads into paying customers. In this blog, we'll cover the blueprint to success with free trials to supercharge your youth sports program's revenue!

Getting Started

Your website or social media page is the central hub where people find information about your program, so starting your sales efforts right from the root is essential. Whether it's a link in your bio or a prominently displayed button, the first thing a potential customer should see on your website or social media page should be your call-to-action(CTA). This gives them the next steps to getting involved with your program. It calls them to book a consultation, register for a class, sign up on your youth sports registration software, or give you a call. In this case, when implementing free trials into your program, you want the CTA to ask them to sign up for a free trial. Seeing a CTA that the customer knows will lead to a free service drives the effectiveness of the CTA on your website. People are usually more than willing to take advantage of a free trial.

You'll want to have a system such as a Google form that is linked to your CTA. This will allow you to collect vital information from interested individuals. Ensure you collect a phone number and email address to add them to your sales pipeline. This information is invaluable as it will aid in follow-ups.

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Follow-ups That Work

You've set up your CTA's to encourage your website visitors and social media audience to book a free trial of your program; now what? Contact them as soon as possible once the form is filled out. Leaving extended periods from when they first express interest and when you contact them can leave room for lost interest. Research shows that people are more likely to remain interested when contacted immediately. By reaching out quickly, you remove barriers to entry and increase the likelihood of converting leads into paying customers.

Seize the moment and contact them as soon as possible, whether by sending a welcoming email with links to your events they can book into or a cold call to get them booked over the phone. A combination of the two strategies is effective as well. Send them an automated email with the links necessary to get signed up for a camp or session, and let them know that you'll be calling them soon. Sending an automatic email through your sports management software with program details primes potential customers for your sales call and directs them to a booking link, making the registration as simple as possible.

Create Raving Fans

During their free trial, they focus on delivering a killer experience that leaves a lasting impression. Whether through personalized coaching, state-of-the-art equipment, or engaging activities, strive to exceed the customer's expectations. A positive experience goes a long way. It ensures you increase conversion through the trial and generate valuable word-of-mouth referrals.

A Compelling Offer

Prepare a compelling offer to convince your trial participants to pay customers. Remember that their experience increases the value of your services; create an offer or tiers of offers presented as a deal. Whether it's offering a discount on memberships, exclusive access to camps and private sessions, or free merch, ensure that the offer aligns with their goals, needs, and interests. It's important to recognize that you will have different types of customers with varying levels of commitment and needs. Cater and customize your offer so it is compelling to them. The same recycled offer will only interest a small pool of people. Maximize your conversion by having a plan for every level of commitment and ensuring that you add aspects that interest that specific customer.

Long Term Retention

Once trial participants become paying customers, continue to nurture the relationship to ensure long-term loyalty. Keep them engaged with ongoing communication, exclusive offers, and opportunities for further involvement in your program. By providing value and fostering a sense of community, you'll retain existing customers and attract new ones through positive word-of-mouth.


Free trials offer a powerful opportunity to attract new customers, drive revenue growth, and build a loyal customer base for your youth sports program. Implement a strategic approach that simplifies the sign-up process, delivers exceptional experiences, and makes compelling offers to maximize the impact of free trials and take your program to new heights of success. Embrace the power of free trials and watch your program score big!

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