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Save Time, Make Money with Citrus

July 6, 2023
Save Time, and Make Money with Citrus

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Running a successful youth program is no small feat. There are countless details to keep track of, from registrations to payments and everything in between. Whether you're running a summer camp, after-school program, or youth sports program, managing all of these details can be overwhelming and very time-consuming. That's where Citrus' youth sports management software can help you!

Citrus software is designed specifically for youth programs, and it can help you save time and grow sales by managing your registration process, email campaigns, participant contact information, family-linked accounts, and payments. We are going dive into the importance of each of these aspects of a youth program and explain how using Citrus as your youth sports registration software can help you streamline your operations and boost your bottom line.

Registration Process

The registration process is often the first point of contact between your program and potential participants, and we all know, first impressions last. Managing registration can be an intimidating task, especially if you're still using on paper forms, Excel spreadsheets, and manual data entry.

Introducing Citrus! With Citrus', you can create customized registrations that are easy for parents to complete online. Once your participants have an account with Citrus, the registration process occurs in less than 5 clicks! With automated data collection and management, you can save time and reduce errors by eliminating the need for manual data entry.

By using Citrus' sports camp software to manage your registrations, you'll be able to collect valuable data that can help you improve your program. For example, you can track registration trends to see which programs are most popular and which ones may need to be re-evaluated. You can also collect feedback from participants and families to find out what they liked about your program and what could be improved.

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Email Campaigns

One of the most important aspects of any youth program is communication. Whether you're sending out important updates, reminders, or marketing materials, it's crucial to have a reliable and efficient way to reach your participants and their families.

With Citrus as your sports management software, you can easily create and manage email campaigns for your participants and their families. Whether you're sending out weekly newsletters, event invitations, or program updates, Citrus makes it easy to stay in touch with just a few clicks. Plus, with customizable templates and automated scheduling, you can save time and ensure that your messages are always on-brand and consistent.

Additionally, by using Citrus camp management software to manage your email campaigns, you can track open and click-through rates to see what's working and what's not. This data can help you refine your messaging and improve engagement, ultimately leading to increased program participation and revenue.

Contact Information Management

Once participants register for your program, it's important to have their contact information up-to-date! It ensures smooth communication with your participants and their family members. Having outdated contact details can lead to missed opportunities, miscommunication, and even loss of revenue. It's important for account recovery purposes as well. In the event of a lost password or compromised account, having the correct contact information associated with accounts can help with regaining access, and have your participants register for your program!

If you are manually registering then you are in charge of updating contact information for your participants. With Citrus, the account information is in the hands of the participants. So if they have a change in email, address, or phone number, they can go directly to their account and make the changes. Having a online sports registration software will save you time managing all your participants ' accounts and gives you more time to develop your program deeper or try out new marketing ideas.

Linked Family Accounts

It is common with youth programs to have multiple participants from the same family. It is also common for families to have one main contact for everyone. If you have manual registration, then probably have the same contact information for multiple participants. This can lead to confusion if something changes, you need to find all the amounts, or maybe if they put a different email on each account and you don't know which one to use. It also means that the main contact will have to register multiple times if they have multiple kids joining your program. This is a great thing for you as a sport camp organizer as you are getting multiple registrations, but for the parents, it's a long and boring process.

Citrus saw this as a problem and came up with the solution, Linked Family Accounts! Using Citrus for your online sports camp registration software, your parents will create their 'Contact' account which is all their information, email, phone number, credit card numbers etc. But then they can create separate 'Attendee' accounts for each of their kids. This will allow them to house all their kids under one account and have a streamlined registration process through a simplified athlete registration form. Managing family-linked accounts is essential for maintaining harmony and efficiency within your participants ' households. Whether signing up for memberships, managing payments, or registering for camps, using a youth sport registration software like Citrus helps to avoid confusion and mistakes.

Payment Process

Processing payments may be one of the most important aspects of organizing a youth program. No payment equals no money to host your program, it's as easy as that. As a programmer, it is essential to process participant's payments or to remind them to pay and then update the finances. Now, if you are processing payments manually, that's a lot of pressure on your administrative team. Let alone the headache that comes with constantly updating your financial reports.

So let a athlete registration software like Citrus handle the hassle of payments. Our platform comes with an integrated program called Stripe, allowing your participants to make easy online payments at the point of sale. Plus, when offering memberships, our automatic charging function ensures consistent monthly payments, with no need for participants to manually make payments. To make things even simpler, Citrus, our sports camp management software, generates a variety of financial reports, including sales summaries, tax reports and payment reports, so you don't have to worry about crunching the numbers.

Running a successful youth program requires attention to detail and a lot of hard work. However, you can save time and grow sales by using our youth sports management software to manage your email campaigns, registration process, participant contact information, linked family accounts, and take payments. With a streamlined sports camp management software such as Citrus, you can now focus on what matters for your program – providing a fun and engaging experience that your participants and their families are going to remember for a lifetime.

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