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Where to Start When Marketing Youth Programs

April 21, 2022
Where to start with Marketing

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It's no secret that youth sports programs have a tremendous impact on the physical, mental, and social growth of young people. That's why so many sports programs are on the hunt for ways to effectively promote their offerings to potential new members. If you're a coaching business looking to boost awareness and engagement of your program while also making money with sports, consider the following marketing ideas.

Social Media Ads

Unlock the potential of your youth program with the cutting-edge approach of social media ads! Social media ads can reach young minds and parents through captivating content and precise targeting, igniting their curiosity and fostering meaningful engagement. 

Targeted Reach

Facebook and Instagram are some of the most used social media platforms, and they have advanced targeting options that allow you to reach specific audiences. You can target users based on age, location, interests, and behaviours, especially when marketing to a youth demographic and a particular sport. One thing to note here is you may be a youth program, so you think your target audience is youth. But parents are your ideal target market since they are the decision maker on whether their child attends the program or not. This is not saying you can't have ads targeting your direct age demographic, but it's concerning when setting your age range with social media ads. 

Targeting your reach can start right at your website. In terms of your website, it is important for it to be easy for parents to navigate and find exactly what their looking for. This means incorporating a sports registration software that will manage your events for you. Citrus is a great tool to help guide your parents to find events specific to their kids. As a sports organizer, ensuring that you use navigation tactics on your website will make your website the go-to for parents.


Marketing can be costly for your program, especially if you are just starting! So using social media ads can be more budget-friendly than traditional advertising channels. You get to set your spending limit for each ad! The options are to choose cost-per-click or impression-based pricing. The other benefit of social media ads if how easy it is to monitor the performance in real-time to optimize your budget effectively.

Data and Analytics

With traditional marketing channels, like paper ads or radio ads, you don't get any data on who sees your ads or engages in them. Social media ad platforms provide detailed analytics on the performance of your ads. You can track metrics like reach, impressions, clicks, conversions, and engagement, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

  • Reach: the number of unique users that saw your ad
  • Impressions: the number of times your ad was displayed on a user's screen
  • Clicks: the number of times a user clicks on your ad
  • Conversions: specific action that a user takes in response to seeing or interacting with your ad
  • Engagement: level of interaction and involvement that users have with your ad
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Get into Schools

Engaging directly with students, parents, and educators, offer a unique opportunity to showcase the value and benefits of your program. By building trust, credibility, and personal connections, school presentations create a compelling case for students to participate and parents to support. This approach can start your program's word-of-mouth marketing trend and establish long-lasting partnerships with schools. Doing school presentations can be highly effective for marketing your youth program for several compelling reasons.

Direct Access to Target Audience

School presentations provide direct access to your target audience – students and teachers. It allows you to engage with them face-to-face, creating a personal connection and building trust. And once you build that trust, you have a better starting point to sell to the parents of the students to get them to register for your program.

Influence and Persuasion

Presenting your youth program in person allows you to use persuasive communication techniques, storytelling, and visual aids to make a compelling case for why your program is valuable and beneficial for the students. You can give the students a hands-on experience for your program, which makes this a make-or-break moment. Either your program's activity will be immediately engaging and entertaining for the students, or they may be turned off. 

Remember! Bring a take-home item if you are going to a school or any other presentation format! That could be a poster, flyer, brochure, or anything that will share your program's information for parents. 

Local Media Coverage

Consider pitching a story to your local media outlets, like newspapers, radio and even your local TV news channel! These help to reach a vast and engaged audience, grow credibility, and showcase your program's impact through compelling storytelling. With visual appeal and a targeted reach within the community, this opportunity creates a lasting impression, driving interest and participation. Getting on the local news channels can be an excellent way to market your youth program due to the following reasons:

Mass Exposure

Local news channels have a vast viewership within the community. You can reach a broad audience by featuring your youth program on their broadcasts, including parents, students, teachers, and other community members. 

Storytelling Opportunity

News coverage allows you to share your story. You get to tell the audience why you are starting your program, why you are qualified, and where to find all the necessary information. By sharing your programs impact, success stories, and unique aspects, you can connect emotionally with the audience and inspire them to get involved.


This is another excellent way to market your program without breaking the budget! While getting on the news may require effort in pitching your story, it can be a free marketing strategy compared to purchasing traditional advertising space.

Community Events

Embrace the heart of the community! Being present at local events is an invaluable strategy to kickstart the marketing of your youth program. Through face-to-face interactions and vibrant demonstrations, community events create the perfect stage to introduce your program to the right audience. Engage directly with parents and potential participants, leaving a lasting impression and developing genuine connections. Attending community events is an effective way to start marketing your youth program for several reasons.

Direct Interaction

Community events allow face-to-face interaction with community members, including parents and potential participants. This personal touch will enable you to build rapport, answer questions, and address concerns directly. Not only can you talk the talk about your program, but you get to walk the walk and visually show the benefits of your program. 

Brand Visibility

You can also increase the visibility of your youth program. People become aware of your presence and can associate your program with positive community engagement. At community events you can showcase and share your website with people. Remember your website is your chance to make a great first impression. Ensure that your website is easy to navigate, and most importantly, your registration is ready to go. The best way to manage your registration process is to add an online sports registration software to your website. Citrus offers a free camp management software to get you started. This is especially important if your program is still new! 

Community Support 

Active involvement in community events demonstrates your commitment to the well-being and development of local youths. This can lead to support and goodwill from the community, leading to increased trust in your youth program.

There are several effective ways to promote your coaching business within your community. The following ideas can just help you get started, and with some creativity and the right strategies, you can develop a successful marketing plan that won't break the bank. Just remember your goals for marketing, to help raise awareness and then to increase registrations for your programs.

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