Changing Your Password

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If you need to change your password, there are different options available depending on whether you are a customer or an organizer. Citrus takes security seriously and offers easy steps to keep your account safe. And if you ever need help accessing your account, Citrus has your back with account recovery options. 🤫

How to Change your Password

Change Password

If you know your Citrus Password, but want to change it:

  1. Hover on your account in the bottom lefthand corner
  2. Click 'Citrus Settings'
  3. Under 'Your Account, click 'Change Password'
  4. Add your current password, and then add your new password

If you have forgotten your password:

  1. Click 'Sign in/Sign up' in the top right
  2. Once on the login page, click 'Forgot Password?'

NOTE: your recovery link is only available for a limited time. You may need to repeat this step if you do not complete it in time.

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