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Understanding your memberships plays a key role in your program. Membership status' can tell you the activity behind your membership, whether action needs to be taken, and which memberships need attention. Have your memberships run smoothly through membership status'.

Membership Status:

  • Active: the membership payment has been processed successfully, and the membership is active
  • Incomplete: a new membership which has not had a payment on it yet
  • Past Due: a membership that has an overdue payment. Citrus will re-try the payment method on file once a day for three consecutive days. During these three days, the status will be past due
  • Unpaid: a membership that has no payment for that period. The status of the membership changes to unpaid after trying the payment method on file once a day for three consecutive days
  • Canceled: the membership has been canceled by a team member. Check the activity section on the attendee profile or the membership page to see who and when the membership was canceled
  • Scheduled: a membership that is set to start on a day in the future.

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