Duplicating Campaigns

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Templating your email campaigns can be valuable to saving time and creating consistency across your team. Citrus allows you to re-use your emails and save your audience filters so you and your team can send emails with just a few clicks.

Duplicating Your Campaigns

Citrus uses duplication of previous emails to help you save templated emails and targeted audience. Here are the steps to sending a templated email campaign.

  1. Create an email campagin

Remember to name your Campagin appropriately so that everyone on your team is aware of how to find this later

  1. On the Marketing page, click the three dots next to the campaign you want to duplicate
  2. Click Duplicate
  3. Change the title of the campaign so that it does not match the templated campaign

Then, simply change anything you want in the campagin whether thats the targeted audience or the message itself. These changes will not change your original campaign (your template). Send off this email whenever your ready!

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