Event Analytics

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Keeping track of all the numbers in your program can be a lot of work, especially with so many moving parts to manage. Fortunately, Citrus is here to help! With its advanced analytics configuration and user-friendly graphs, it's easy to understand all your program's data right from your Dashboard. 📊

Event Analytics

What does each of the graphs mean?

Total Volume:

  • This is your total revenue. The dollar amount of how much your program has earned.


  • This is your feedback scale. This shows how satisfied your customers are with your services.

New registrations:

  • This graph how many new customers have registered to come to your events.

New connected customers:

  • This graph shows how many customers have linked their profiles to your program.

Spend per customer:

  • Here you can view the average amount that your customers have spent towards your program during one checkout process.

New contacts:

  • This is the growth of your customer base, which is the number of new customers/contacts that have joined your program.

New memberships:

  • The number of new membership subscriptions in the last period.

New session credits:

  • The number of new session packages purchased in the last period.

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