How Memberships Work

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Customers can purchase a membership to receive bulk session credits or pay to access a specific product your program is offering. Memberships can be billed monthly, quarterly, or yearly.💸

Membership Cycle

Memberships go through a series of statuses as it is created, purchased, and automatically charged each billing period.

  1. Incomplete: The membership has been created but has not been paid for.
  2. Scheduled: The membership has been created and is scheduled for an automated payment on a specific date.
  3. Active: The membership has been paid for in the current billing period.
  4. Past Due: The membership failed an automated payment for the billing period and will retry in 3 days.
  5. Unpaid: The membership failed to process, and the previous status was 'Incomplete.'
  6. Trialling: The membership is currently in the trial period.
  7. Cancelled: The membership has been cancelled, and will no longer allocate credits or process payments.
  8. No Payment Method: The customer has no online payment method associated with their account, and the payment will fail when they are automatically charged at the next billing period.

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