Refund an Order

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You can refund any paid or partially paid order through the Citrus Dashboard regardless of your cancellation and refund policies.

When a customer requests a refund for an order from their account, you will receive a message in your Citrus Inbox notifying you to the request and the reason for the refund.

How to refund an order


  • Select Financials on the lefthand panel.
  • Find the order you wish to refund from the list of orders.
  • Click on the menu to the right of the order and select Issue Refund:
    • Alternatively, you can select the order to view its details and select Issue Refund found under the Actions button at the top right of the page.
  • Fill out the refund details in the form:
    • The refund amount will default to the maximum before resulting in a net loss on the order.
    • Add a reason for the refund and an optional description for your records.
    • The refund method will determine how the amount is returned to the customer. Online payment may only be selected if the order was paid for using an online payment, otherwise, another method must be chosen.
  • Select Continue.
  • Choose which order items should or should not be refunded. By deselecting an item, the order amount will still be returned to the customer but the registration or membership will remain active.
  • Select Continue.
  • Review the details of the refund and select Refund.

If the refund amount did not exceed the order amount total, the order status will be updated to Partial refund and another refund can be created by repeating the steps above. When the full order amount is refunded the order status will be updated to Returned.

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