Managing Your Inbox

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Your Citrus inbox allows you to stay connected with your customers, view feedback, respond quickly to any question and stay up to date with your email campaigns! 📩

Understanding and Managing Your Inbox

How To Manage Emails in Citrus

  1. Click Inbox
  2. You can view/find any email using the preset filters.
  3. You can send an email by clicking 'Compose.'
  4. You can reply by clicking on the email within the Inbox you want to respond to and testing your reply within the text box, then click 'Send.'
  5. You can use the preset filters to quickly find related emails.
  6. You can clear any message of their filter by clicking the 'x' to the left of the filter on the email.

Understanding The Sections Within The Inbox

  1. Order: All messages from customers who have either paid for their order or have any questions/concerns about their order.
  2. Cancellation: All messages concerning a refund of an order or cancellation of a registration.
  3. Feedback: All messages that relate to feedback from your customers. This is an easy tool to learn about your customer's experience at your event.
  4. Memberships: All messages about any questions/concerns from your customers related to their memberships.
  5. Campaign: All customer responses to email campaigns you sent out.
  6. Sessions: All messages about any questions/concerns from your customers related to their sessions or session packages.
  7. Inquiry: Any questions and concerns from parents can be viewed here. Keep parents in the loop by responding regularly to messages in this section.

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